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Wow... I thought that Toy Story reference was great! combining it with SU makes it a great idea! I watched the original 3 before, and I...


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you'll never know...
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United States
WARNING: inflation art is involved in this page.

WELCOME to my page...that's it.

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yep. since I now get to use MediBang Paint Pro, my style has changed a little. and now, i'm not just a pants inflation guy, I can be a ANY guy.

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but here's my Picarto:

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*So, it's been a while since we've been with Limus and her friends' adventures. looks like we came to visit at a good time*

Limus: Tomorrow, i am going back to the Circus.

Lolite: What? again?

Topaz: but why? you always do it every Saturday.

Limus: Gems. calm down. i'll tell you everything.

*Flashback to Peot's 13th washing.*

Limus: Ugh. deary me. this outfit is getting really hot. and it itches bad too. if i don't find water soon, i'll heat to poof.

*just then, she heard Peot tweeting.*

Limus: oh. There you are. now come down for your bath!

*Peot hated baths. so she nodded and flew off and into the birdhouse*

Limus: i got you where i wanted you...heh heh heh.

*Limus grabbed the hose and ran as fast as she could. but the hose couldn't last forever. and swooped limus back to the start. Peot flew out of Limus' sight. so she got up and started looking for her.*

Limus: Grr... everytime...just everytime...

*what she didn't know is that the hose slipped deep into the back of her pants. Peot flew straight to the crank without Limus' sight. she had a great idea.*

Peot: *thoughts* Perfect! instead of me getting a bath, it will be Limus getting that bath. Hehehe.

*Peot cranked the hose to 'Slow Mode'. little water bubbles started to form to make one medium bubble. that bubble traveled through the long hose. Meanwhile, Limus was sneaking to make sure that Peot wouldn't see her when she comes by. and suddenly, right when she peeked through the fence...*

Limus' Circus Pants: *Gurgle, Slosh, wobble*

Limus: Hmm... what was that?

*the water bubble flew right into her pants as it started to fill up like a balloon. Limus wondered what the noise was. but shrugged it off and continued walking. after a few seconds, she started to slow down and get heavy*

Limus: *Breathing Hard* Phew! i gotta lay off the Peanuts!

*she continued on walking until she was the size of a 5 foot bowling ball. and yes, it did look like a butt. she stopped because...POP! the hose popped off*

Limus: HUH? what was that?

*limus immediately swooped her Circus shield*

Limus: is anyone there?

*she turned her body around with some difficulty, and all she saw was the hose. still running*

Limus: Ha. a hose. but i'm really wondering now. Why am i so cold and heavy?

*Slosh, Jiggle, and gurgle were the sounds that made her look down...*

Limus: O_O...

*she was shocked. normally, she would enjoy it. but these were new Circus Pants she were wearing. just then, she saw Peot, laughing in her Birdhouse. and let me Tell you, Limus got mad...really mad... so mad, that steam was made in her pants, making more water in her pants.*


*she ran and ran with some difficulty. and her pants just jiggled, gurgled, and sloshed throughout the run. just then, she stopped suddenly. the feeling of having rubbery water balloon pants just made her feel comfortable. this made her blush orange.

Limus: I...This...Pants...Oh my perfect...looks like this job won't be that bad after all. and i only got 5 hours left to enjoy this. Peot, i'm sorry that i got angry at you. i just didn't like my job here. but...i really do now..

*Peot came out of the Birdhouse and landed on Limus' Balloony Pants. she then laid on them as a hug. this made limus blush orange all over her face*

*End of Flashback*

Topaz: Wow. now that is some story.

Lolite: yeah. do you still have the outfit?

Limus: yeah. it's still inflated too.

*after a few minutes, Limus came out of the Closet. wearing the outfit with the still-inflated Dark Blue Pants*

Lolite/Topaz: O_O XD

*they laughed about her pants being that big.*

Lolite: Hey, Kim Kardashian called. she wants her Booty back!

Topaz: Well, Manners.

*Limus took no offense from the joke and also laughed.*

but here's my Picarto:


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